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Interview about “School Uniform”!

Interview about “School Uniform”!

Parent’s Voice

On the September the 20th I (Madina Khakimova) took an interview with a woman (Guli) who has 4 children. Our interview was about school uniform, and she told me where she bought uniforms for her kids and what she thinks about school uniform.

This was our dialogue from the interview:

Khakimova Madina (M.K): 1. How many children do you have?
Student’s mother (M): I have 4 children: 3 boys and 1 girl.
K.M: 2.How old they are, and which grade they are in?
M: My older son-Komyor-is 12 years old, he is in the 6th grade; my second son-Bakhtiyor-is 9 years old, he is in the 3rd grade; my daughter-Dil’noza-is 7 years old, she is in the 1st grade, and my younger son-Isfandiyor-is 5 years old, he is not a schoolboy yet.
K.M: 3. How much did it cost you to buy school uniform for your kids?
M: It cost us about 900 somoni, because we bought for our kids school uniforms and also school stuff.
K.M: 4.How many shirts, skirts or suits have you bought?
M: I bought for both of my sons one suit for each, and for my daughter a shirt, a skirt and a school dress.
M.K.: 5.Where do you work?
M: I am a housewife, but my husband works at the military.
M.K: 6.Was it expensive for you to buy school uniform or not very much?
M: It was not too expensive for three kids I think. My husband provide our family, and we are doing everything for our kids in order to make them educated, it doesn’t matter how much the clothes cost the main think for us is to see our kids going to school and see them as a good, bright students at school . So we can be proud of them.
M.K: 7. Where did you buy school uniforms?
M: We bought them in the big market in Kurgan-Tyube.
M.K: 8. What kind of fabric its made of?
M: All the school clothes that we buy for our kids are made of cotton.
M.K: 9. Do you know where these clothes were produced?
M: Yes, sure! Most of these school clothes were produced in Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan and China.
M.K: 10.Do you buy new clothes for your children every year?
M: Yes we buy new school clothes for kids every year.
M.K: And what do you do with school uniforms that got small for your children?
M: Usually I give them away to some our neighbors or friends who have not such privileges to buy school uniforms for their kids; we are supporting them by giving them school uniform.
M.K: 11.What do you think about school uniform? Are you for or against it?
M: I am for school uniform because I think it makes students look very nice, cute and as a real schoolchildren. When kids are in their school uniform, you can say that they are going to school. You just can distinguish school pupils from children that are playing on the street. I really like the way our students look like in school uniform. I wish to all students to be very nice polite and always study well at school.

After our interview I Madina Khakimova 11th grade student made a conclusion that this woman was agree that students must wear school uniform, and that it’s a really good sign to understand if this is student from school or student who is just playing on the street. She had a really positive opinion about school clothes and said that it makes her proud when she sees her kids in school uniform going to school.
Also I learnt something new about our school uniform, honestly I never paid attention if the clothes are from Tajikistan or from foreign country and today I understood about where our uniform is coming from.

This was an interview with a family that was able to provide their kids with school uniform. But think that there are a lot of families where their father or mother works in Russia or even doesn’t have a job, and can’t provide their kids with school uniforms because it is too expensive for them.
So what to do in order to help them? We know that it’s a school law to wear a school uniform and without it we can’t go to school. So the main decision to help poor families is by giving them school uniforms from the families which have opportunity to buy school uniform, as our interviewer makes. Also we can gather money, do some charities in order to help poor students to buy school uniform which is very important at our schools. We can find different ways to help poor families and their kids, so if we help them they will be able to go to school and get education on equal rights with all other students, and the main thing is not how much your school uniform cost or how cool it is, the main think is to see students going to school and getting education. If we have smart educated kids it means we have a bright, advanced future!

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